Glastonbury 86' - The Furs remember

It's the Glastonbury 50th Anniversay weekend. Here are some memories from The Psychedelic Furs:

"I remember headlining #Glastonbury. We arrived at a town nearby the night before and stayed at a hotel there. The morning of the show I turned on TV and the news had regular reports on the arriving crowd and the ensuing traffic jams, etc. It really built up my excitement (and nerves!) It was the biggest show we'd played and to be playing it at home was extra special." ~ Tim Butler

"Headlining at Glastonbury was an incredible experience for the Furs. I believe it was at that point the largest crowd we had ever played to, and at the most prestigious of festivals. Quite terrifying in its own way, but what a wonderful memory ." ~ Richard Butler

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